Sunday, December 23, 2012


Anfousse - Les catastrophes de Rosalie
Goscinny & Sempé - Le petit Nicolas
Goscinny & Sempé - Les vacances du petit Nicolas
Gross - Le Titanic perdu et retrouvé
Gravel - Guillaume
Hargreaves - Madame Contraire
Hargreaves - Monsieur Malpoli
Hargreaves - Monsieur Reve
Hargreaves - Madame Je-Sais-Tout
Hargreaves - Monsieur Bing
Hargreaves - Monsieur Maladroit
Hargreaves - Monsieur Endormi
Hargreaves - Madame Dodue: La plus belle pour aller danser
Hargreaves - Le perroquet de Monsieur Bavard
Hargreaves - L’étrange mal de Monsieur Bizarre
Hargreaves - La rivale de Madame acrobate
Johansen & Lum - Au bain, Coquine!
Leblanc - Sophie vit un cauchemar
Lechermeier – Princesses oubliées ou inconnues
Mainguy – Contes sous les arbres
Munsch & Martchenko - La princesse dans un sac
Pennac - L'oeil du loup
Poulin - Jimmy Romay - La pizza
Silverstein – L’arbre généreux
Scott - Sources Scott - Voyages
Turk & de Groot - Léonard: Le poids du génie
Turk & de Groot - Léonard: Genie a toute heure
Turner & Ray - Presque mort
Turner & Ray - Vive le taureau!
Turner & Ray - Voyage de sa vie
Ray - Fama va en Californie
Ray - Pauvre Anne
Reizac - Blanc
Watterson - Calvin et Hobbes: Quelque chose bave sous le lit!
Watterson - Calvin et Hobbes: Va jouer dans le mixer!
Watterson - Calvin et Hobbes: Fini de rire!
Watterson - Calvin et Hobbes: On est comme des rats!
Wishinsky - Une histoire de chocolat


Assayas – Conversations with Bono
Bettancourt –  Even Silence Has an End
Flinn – The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry
Filipovic – Zlata’s Diary: A Child’s Life in Sarajevo
Gilbert – Eat, Pray, Love
Gilbert – Committed
Kingsolver – Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Kozol – Letters to a Young Teacher
McCourt – Teacher Man
Nemat – Prisoner of Tehran
Oufkir – The Prisoner
Oufkir – Freedom: The Story of My Second Life
Ozma – The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared
Picasso – Picasso: My Grandfather
Potter – The Artist and her World
Regan – I Love You, Ronnie
Rose – 1 Dead in Attic
Shields & Anderson – Dropped Threads II: More of What We Weren’t Told
Smith – Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure
Spragins – What I Now Know: Letters to my Younger Self
Slater – Toast
Spufford – The Child that Books Built
King – I Have a Dream
Wiesenthal – The Sunflower
Wiesel – Night
Witherspoon – Don’t Try This at Home
Wolf – The Treehouse

Motivational, Inspirational, and Self-Help

Moawad et al., - Whatever It Takes: A Journey Into the Heart of Human Achievement
Ruiz – The Mastery of Love
Ruiz – The Four Agreements
Tolle – A New Earth
Tolle – The Power of Now
Zadra - Thank You: In Appreciation of You, and All That You Do
Zadra - I Believe in You: To Your Heart, Your Dream, and the Difference You Make
Zadra - Be The Difference
Yamada – The Little Things

Friday, October 26, 2012


Abells – The Children We Remember
Agee – So Many Dynamos and other Palindromes
Agee – Terrific
Ahlberg & Ingman – The Pencil
Amery – First 500 Words in French
Bartoletti – The Christmas Promise
Bach – Johnathan Livingston Seagull: A Story
Baylor & Parnall – Everybody Needs a Rock
Baylor & Parnall - The Other Way to Listen
Beaty & Roberts – Iggy Peck Architect
Bailey & Slavin – Stanley’s Party
Bentley – Snowflakes in Photographs
Beeler – Throw Your Tooth on the Roof
Buchholz – The Collector of Moments
Beaumont & Catrow – I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More
Beaumont & Catrow – I like Myself
Brun-Cosme & Olivier Tallec – Big Wolf and Little Wolf
Brun-Cosme & Olivier Tallec – Big Wolf and Little Wolf: The Little Leaf That Wouldn’t Fall
Breathed – Pete & Pickles
Carle – 10 Little Rubber Ducks
Corey – You Forgot Your Skirt Amelia Bloomer
Charlip – Fortunately
Collins – Germs
Cottin – The Black Book of Colors
Cooper – Beach
Cronin & Bliss – Diary of a Worm
Deedy – The Secret of Old Zeb
Delessert – Full Color
Delaunois - The Little Yellow Bottle
depaola – The Art Lesson
DiTerlizzi – The Spider and the Fly
Domeniconi & Bullas – M is for Masterpiece
Duksta & Keesler – I Love You More
Doughty – Some Helpful Tips for a Better World and a Happier Life
Disney – The Rescuers
Edens – If You’re Afraid of the Dark
Elliott & Strickland - Bird
Farris & Soentpiet – My Brother Martin
Fanelli – My Map Book
Franco & Salerno – Mathematickles
Feeney & Hammid – A is for Aloha
Fiedman & Say – How May Parents Learned to Eat
Frisch & Kelley – Dark Fiddler
Fink – Give it All Give it Now
Floca – Moonshot – The Flight of Apollo II
Floca – Lightship
Fox – Tough Boris
Gallup – A Roomful of Questions
Gravett – Little Mouse’s Bib Book of Fears
Gravett – The Rabbit Problem
Greene – This is the Teacher
Greenfield – Honey, I love
Gantschev – Moon Lake
Gardner – Mummy Don’t Go Out Tonight
Gorey – The Doubtful Guest
Gorey – Epiplectic Bicycle
Goodman & Smith – The Truth about Poop
Goodman & Smith – Gee Whiz! It’s All About Pee
Grimm – The Bremen-town Musicians
Gunning – A Shelter in Our Car
Hall & Cooney – Ox-cart Man
Harrison – O Canada
Hargreaves – Mr. Funny
Hargreaves – Mr. Happy
Hargreaves – Mr. Mischief
Hargreaves – Mr. Nonsense
Hargreaves – Mr. Wrong
Hargreaves – Mr. Muddle
Hargreaves – Little Miss Curious
Hargreaves – Little Miss Helpful
Heine – Star Seeker: A Journey to Outer Space
Holwitz – Scribbleville
Hulkenberg – Pirie’s Perfect Plume
Jerrold – Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes
Johnson & Lewis – Lily Brown’s Paintings
Jennings & Harvey – Bloody Moments: Highlights from the Astonishing History of Medicine
Kerley & Fotheringham – What To Do About Alice?
Keller – Arnie the Doughnut
Keller – Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners
Krull & Diaz – Wilma Unlimited
Laden - Roberto, The Insect Architect
Lawson & Tjia – The Man in the Moon-Fixer’s Mask
Linch – My Duck
Levine – Hana’s Suitcase
Levine – Stop That Nose!
Leodhas - Always Room for One More
Leray – Little Red Hood
Long & Shannon – How I Became a Pirate
Meschenmoser – Learning to Fly
MacLeod – Marie Curie
Martin & Ehlert – Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Martin – Snowflake Bentley
Marsden – The Rabbits
Meister & George – Mr. M
McGill & Soentpiet – Molly Bannaky
Noll & McWilliam – I Need My Monster
Munsch & Marchenko – The Real Story Behind the Paper Bag Princess
Munson – Enemy Pie
Monsen – All My Friends Are Dead
Myers – Jabberwocky
Numeroff & Bond – If you Give a Mouse a Cookie
Neuschwander & Geehan – Sir Cumference and the First Round Table
Nordine & Drescher - Colors
Orloff & Catrow – I Wanna Iguana
O’Connor – Fancy Nancy: Bonjour Butterfly
O'Neill – The Recess Queen
Parr – Dos and Don’ts
Palatini & Davis – Sweet Tooth
Parnell – And Tango Makes Three
Palmer – The Pink House
Arr – Do’s and Don’ts
Penn – The Kissing Hand
Pulver – Punctuation Takes a Vacation
Potter – Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit
Potter – The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Prelutsky – If Not for the Cat
Polacco – The Junkyard Wonders
Raschka – Hip Hop Dog
Reynolds – Ish
Reynolds – So Few of Me
Reynolds – The Dot
Rosen – Michael Rosen’s Sad Book
Say – The Lost Lake
Say – Tea with Milk
Schwartz – G is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book
Scieszka – Spaceheadz
Scieszka - The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
Seuss – Green Eggs and Ham
Seuss et al – My Many Colored Days
Seeger – First the Egg
Seeger – Dog and Bear
Shaw – It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Shannon – No David
Sierra & Koren – Thelonius Monster’s Sky-High Fly Pie
Sis – The Wall
Sis – Starry Messenger: Galileo Galilei
Sis – Tibet Through the Red Box
Sis – The Tree of Life: Charles Darwin
Sis – A Small Tall Tale from the Far, Far North
Sis – Madlenka
Simon – Out of Sight: Pictures of Hidden Worlds
Scieszka & Smith – Science Verse
Scieszka & Smith – Math Curse
Scieszka & Smith – Seen Art?
Scholastic – What Do You Call A Rhyming Riddle?
Silverstein – The Giving Tree (in English)
Silverstein – The Giving Tree (in Japanese)
Silverstein – The Giving Tree (in Korean)
Silverstein – The Giving Tree (in Estonian)
Silverstein – The Giving Tree (in Chinese)
Silverstein – The Giving Tree (in Greek)
Silverstein – The Giving Tree (in Russian)
Silverstein – De Gulle Boom (in Dutch)
Silverstein – Der Gluckliche Baum (in German)
Silverstein – Arbor Alma (in Latin)
Silverstein – L’arbol generoso (in Spanish)
Silverstein – L’arbre généreux (in French)
Silverstein – L’albero (in Italian)
Silverstein – Dobro drvo (in Serbian)
Silverstein – Drengen og traeet (Danish)
Silverstein – Comert Agaç (Turkish)
Silverstein – The Giving Tree (in Russian)
Starbright Foundation – Once Upon A Fairy Tale
Stinson & Lewis – Red is Best
Stott – Night Sky
Taulbert – Little Cliff’s First Day of School
Thaler & Lee – The Music Teacher from the Black Lagoon
Teague – Detective LaRue
Teague – Dear Mrs. LaRue
Thomson & Gonsalves – Imagine a Night
Tougas – Art’s Supplies
Tullet & Milet – Pink Lemon
Tullet – The Five Senses
Ulmer & Rose-Popp – M is for Maple: A Canadian Alphabet
Usborne – The First Book of France
Van Allsburg – The Mysteries of Harris Burdick
Wild & Brooks – Fox
Wild & Spudvillas – Woolvs in the Sitee
Woodson & Talbott – Show Way
Watt – Scaredy Squirrel
Waber – Courage
Willems – Knuffle Bunny
Willems – There is a bird on your head!
Winter – The Librarian of Basra
Yamaka & Un Kim – The Gift of Driscoll Lipscomb
Vander Zee – Erika’s Story
Visconti & Landmann – The Genius of Leonardo
Yolen &Teague – How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?
Yolen & Teague – How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?
Young – Ten Birds


Albers – Finding the Artist Within: Creating and Reading Visual Texts in the English Language Arts
Albers – Telling Pieces: Art as Literacy in Middle School Classes
Allen – Engaging Children
Allen – Inside Words
Atwell – In the Middle
Ayers – To Teach
Ayers – Teaching Toward Freedom
Anderson – How’s It Going? A Practical Guide to Conferring with Student Writers
Anderson – Assessing Writers
Angelillo – Writing about Reading
Allington – What Really Matters for Struggling Readers
Bayles & Orland – Art & Fear
Ballenger - Discovering the Writer Within: 40 Days to More Imaginative Writing
Beck, McKeowen, Hamilton & Kucan – Questioning the Author: An Approach for Enhancing Student Engagement with Text
Berghoff et al – Beyond Reading and Writing
Benedict – Beyond Words: Picture Books for Older Readers and Writers
Braunger – Building a Knowledge Base in Reading
Bratcher – Evaluating Children’s Writing: A Handbook of Communication Choices for Classroom Teachers
Bradshaw – The Family
Bunchman & Briggs – Activities for Creating Pictures and Poetry
Baer – Self-Paced Phonics
Baer – Words Their Way
Blachowicz & Fisher – Teaching Vocabulary in All Classrooms
Blecher & Jaffee – Weaving in the Arts
Bloker – Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day
Bruner – On Knowing: Essays for the Left Hand
Bruner – Acts of Meaning
Berger –Ways of Seeing
Beers, Probst & Rief – Adolescent Literacy: Turning Promise into Practice
Buckner – Notebook Know-How: Strategies for the Writer’s Notebook
Calkins – The Art of Teaching Writing
Christensen – Reading, Writing, and Rising Up: Teaching About Social Justice and the Power of the Written Word
Csikszentmihalyi – Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention
Compton-Lilly – Confronting Racism, Poverty and Power
Clay – By Different Paths to Common Outcomes
Clays – Concepts about Print
Clay – Running Records
Clay – What Did I Write?
Clay – Writing Begins at Home
Clay – Reading Begins at Home
Clegg – The Excitement of Writing
Coles – How to Raise a Moral Child: The Moral Intelligence of Children
Coles – Misunderstanding Reading
Coles – Reading the Naked Truth
Cumming – Bilingual Performance in Reading and Writing
Chard – The Project Approach
Caldwell & Ford – Where have all the bluebirds gone?
Campbell – Less is More
Christensen – Reading, Writing, and Rising up: Teaching About Social Justice and the Power of the Written Word
Chen – Early Childhood Identity: Construction, Culture, and the Self
Cramer – The Spelling Connection
Cramer – Creative Power
Crowhurst – Writing in the Middle Years
Davis – Writing as a Second Language
Davis – Why Our Schools Need The Arts
Dahl et al – Rethinking Phonics
Dahl & Farnan – Children’s Writing: Perspectives from Research
Danko-McGhee – The Impact of Early Art Experiences on Literacy Development
Dean - What Works in Writing Instruction: Research and Practice
Delpit – The Skin That We Speak
Dewey – Experience and Education
Dewey – Art as Experience
Dewey – The Public and its Problems
DiLeo – Interpreting Children’s Drawings
Dorn & Soffos – Scaffolding Young Writers
Dreikurs – Children: The Challenge
Donaldson – Children’s Minds
Durica – How We Do School
Dyson – Social Worlds of Children Learning to Write
Dymock & Nicholson – Teaching Text Structures
Edelsky – Making Justice Our Project
Elbow – Writing Without Teachers
Eisner – The Kind of Schools We Need
Eisner – The Arts and the Creation of Mind
Eisner – Cognition and Curriculum Reconsidered
Efland – Art and Cognition: Integrating the Visual Arts in the Classroom
Ernst – Picturing Learning: Artists and Writers in the Classroom
Ernst – New Entries: Drawing and Writing
Etheredge & Hill – Insights and Inspirations from Reggio Emilia
Elliott – Young Adult Literature in the Classroom
Ellis – From Reader to Writer: Teaching Writing through Classic Children’s Books
Freire – Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Feathers – Infotext Reading and Learning
Fehring – Literacy Assessment
Fisher – Joyful Learning in Kindergarten
Fisher & Frey – Improving Adolescent Literacy: Content Area Strategies at Work
Frazee – Roller Coaster
Freedman – Teaching Visual Culture
Fowler – Survey Research Methods
Faber & Mazlish – How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk
Fein – Heidi’s Horse
Fisher – In a Reading State of Mind
Fletcher – Boy Writers: Reclaiming their Voices
Fletcher – Breathing in Breathing Out: Keeping a Writer’s Notebook
Fletcher – What a Writer Needs
Fletcher – Live Writing
Fletcher – A Writer’s Notebook
Fletcher – How Writer’s Work
Fletcher & Portalupi – Craft Lessons: Teaching Writing K-8
Fletcher & Portalupi – Lessons for the Writer’s Notebook
Fleckenstein et al - Language and Image in the Reading-Writing Classroom: Teaching Vision
Fox – Reading Magic – Electronic Portfolio Tool
Gandini – Insights and Inspirations from Reggio Emilia
Gallagher – Readicide
Gallagher – Reading Reasons
Gallagher – Deeper Reading
Gardner – Art Education and Human Development
Gardner – Artful Scribbles
Gardner – Art, Mind, and Brain
Gardner – Creating Minds
Garan – Resisting Reading Mandates: How to Triumph with the Truth
Goldberg & Ollman – Points of Entry: A Nation of Strangers
Graves – Writing: Teachers and Children at Work
Graves – Investigative Nonfiction
Greene – Releasing the Imagination
Greene – Variations on a Blue Guitar: The Lincoln Center Institute on Aesthetic Education
Gregory – Making Sense of a new World
Gee – How to do Discourse Analysis
Hall – This Means This This Means That: A User’s Guide to Semiotics
Halliday – Learning How to Mean
Harste et al – Language Stories and Literacy Lessons
Harwayne - Messages to Ground Zero – Children Respond to September 11, 2001
Harwayne – Lasting Impressions: Weaving Literature into the Writing Workshop
Harvey & Goudvis – Strategies at Work: Teaching Comprehension to Enhance Understanding
Harvey – Nonfiction Matters: Reading, Writing, and Research in Grades 3-8
Heath – Ways with Words
Heath – Children of Promise
Heard – The Revision Toolbox
Heard – Awakening the Heart
Heffernan – Critical Literacy and Writer’s Workshop: Bringing Purpose and Passion to Student Writing
Hickman – Children’s Literature in the Classroom
Hickman – Dynamic Read Aloud Strategies
Holbrook – Practical Poetry
Hoyt – Revisit, Reflect, Retell
Hope – Thinking and Learning Through Drawing in Primary Classrooms
Horn & Giacobbe – Talking, Drawing, Writing: Lessons for Our Youngest Writers
Irvine – Educating Teachers for Diversity
Iser – The Act of Reading: A Theory of Aesthetic Response
Jago – Classics in the Classroom: designing Accessible Literature Lessons
Janeczko – How to Write Poetry
Johnston – Choice Words
Johnston - Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives
Johnson et el – Circles of Learning
John-Steiner – Notebooks of the Mind
Keene & Zimmermann – Mosaic of Thought: Teaching Comprehension in a Reader’s Workshop
Keene = To Understand: New Horizons in Reading Comprehension
Kress & van Leeuwen - Reading Images: The Grammar of Visual Design
Kittle – Write Beside Them
Kuzbik – Ready, Set, Write! Creative Ideas to Get Kids Writing
Ladson-Billings – The Dreamkeepers
Laminack – Learning Under the Influence of Language and Literature
Laminack & Wadsworth – Reading Aloud Across the Curriculum
Lane – After the End
Lane - Writing As A Road To Self-Discovery
Lane – 51 Wacky We-Search Reports
Leborg - Visual Grammar
Lesesne – Making the Match: The Right Book for the Right Reader at the Right Time Grades 4-12
Loewen – Lies My Teacher Told Me
Lindfors – Children’s Language and Learning
Malchiodi – Understanding Children’s Drawings
Marcus – Ways of Telling: Conversations on the Art of the Picture Book
Martens – I Already Know How to Read
McKenna & Stahl – Assessment for Reading
McLaughlin & DeVoogd – Critical Literacy: Enhancing Student’s Comprehension of Text
McGee & Richgels – Literacy’s Beginnings: Supporting Young Readers and Writers
McNiff – Trust the Process
Moustafa – Beyond Traditional Phonics
Menand – The Metaphysical Club
Menand – Pragmatism
Meier – Teaching Children to Write
Mills & Donnelly – From the Ground Up
Miller – Reading with Meaning
Moore – Aesthetics for Young People
Murray – Crafting a Life for Children’s Writing
Murray – A Writer Teaches Writing
Mulcahey – The Story in the Picture: Inquiry and Artmaking with Young Children
NWP & Nagin – Because Writing Matters: Improving Student Writing in Our Schools
NCTE – Motivating Writing in Middle School
Newkirk – More Than Stories: The Range of Children’s Writing
Newkirk – Misreading Masculinity: Boys, Literacy, and Pop Culture
Newkirk & Atwell – Understanding Writing
Noden – Using Grammatical Structures to Teach Writing
Olshansky – The Power of Pictures: Creating Pathways to Literacy through Art
Olness – Using Literature to Enhance Writing Instruction
Owocki – Literacy Through Play
Owocki & Goodman – Kidwatching
Opitz & Ford – Reaching Readers
Ohye – Mothering from the Heart
Ohanian – One Size Fits Few
Peterson – Grand Conversations
Peterson – The Writer’s Workout Book: 113 Stretches Toward Better Prose
Power & Hubbard – Living the Questions
Power & Hubbard – Literacy in Process
Power & Hubbard – Language Development
Power – Taking Note
Postman – The Disappearance of Childhood
Paley – The Kindness of Children
Parkes – Read it Again
Pradl – Literature for Democracy
Peake – Figures of Speech
Pelias – A Methodology of the Heart: Evoking Academic and Daily Life
Pinker – The Language Instinct
Pierce & Gilles – Cycles of Meaning
Pinnell & Fountas – Help America Read
Readence et al., - Pre-reading Activities for Content Area Reading and learning
Rethinking Columbus: Resources for Teaching
Rethinking our Classrooms: Teaching for Equity and Justice
Rick & Beyer – The Greatest Stories Never Told
Richards & McKenna – Integrating Multiple Literacies in K-8 Classrooms
Rogoff – The Cultural Nature of Human Development
Robert – Ramadan Moon
Rog – Marvelous Minilessons for Teaching Intermediate Writing, Grades 4-6
Routman – Invitations
Routman – Kids’ Poems
Routman – Reading Essentials
Rosenblatt – The Reader The Text The Poem
Rosenblatt – Literature as Exploration
Rosencrans – The Spelling Book: Teaching Children How to Spell, Not What to Spell
Rhodes & Shanklin – Windows into Literacy
Rowe – Preschoolers as Authors
Shagoury – Raising Writers: Understanding  and Nurturing Young Children’s Writing Development
Short et al – Learning Together through Inquiry
Short et al – Creating Classrooms for Authors and Inquirers
Schickedanz – Much More than the ABCs
Spradley – Participant Observation
Spandel – The 9 Rights of Every Writer
Spandel – Creating Writers through 6-Trait Writing
Spandel - Creating Young Writers: Using the Six Traits to Enrich Writing Process in Primary Classrooms
Stephens & Story – Assessment as Inquiry
Stephens – What Matters
Strauss & Corbin – Basics of Qualitative Research
Smith – Reading without Nonsense
Smith – Insult to Intelligence
Smith -  Ourselves: Why We are Who We Are
Spear – Sharing Writing: Peer Response Groups in English Classes
Tovani – I Read it But I Don’t Get it
Tompkins & Collom – Sharing the Pen
Tompkins – Teaching Writing
Underwood – The Quiet Book
Walter – Let Them Write Poetry
Ward – Varmints
Weaver – Reading Process and Practice
Wilson – Rethinking Rubrics in Writing Assessment
Williams – My Soul Looks Back in Wonder
Wilhelm – You Gotta Be the Book
Wilde – Miscue Analysis Made Easy
Wilde – You Kan Red This! Spelling and Punctuation for Whole Language Classrooms K-6
Wells – The Meaning Makers
Wood – How Children Think and Learn
Wood Ray - In Pictures and In Words: Teaching the Qualities of Good Writing through Illustration Study
Wood Ray – What You Know By Heart: How to Develop Curriculum for Your Writing Workshop
Wood Ray – Wonderous Words: Writers and Writing in the Elementary Classroom
Wood Ray – About the Authors: Writing Workshop with our Youngest Writers
Yancey – Portfolios in the Writing Classroom
Young & Fulwiler – When Writing Teachers Teach Literature
Yopp & Yopp – Literature-Based Reading Activities
Zwiers – Developing Academic Thinking Skills in Grades 6-12


Avi – Crispin
Ahlberg – Please, Mrs. Butler
Bartoletti – Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler’s Shadow
Bartoletti – Growing up in Coal Country
Bartoletti – Kids on Strike
Bauer – On My Honor
Bronte- Jane Eyre
Blume – Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret
Child – Utterly Me, Clarice Bean
Child – Clarice Bean Spells Trouble
Child – Clarice Bean, Don’t Look Now
Codell – Sahara Special
Coelho – The Alchemist
Cleary – Ramona and Her Mother
Cleary – Ramona the Pest
Cleary – Dear Mr. Henshaw
Clements - Frindle
Curtis – Bud Not Buddy
Curtis – The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963
Cushman – The Midwife’s Apprentice
Cushman – Catherine Called Birdy
Creech – Love That Dog
Creech – Ruby Holler
Creech – Walk Two Moons
Dahl – James and the Giant Peach
Dahl – The Witches
Dahl – The Twits
Dahl – Boy
Dahl – George’s Marvelous Medicine
Dean – Maggie Adams Dancer
DiCamillo – Because of Winn-Dixie
Fleischman – Seedfolks
Fleischman - The Borning Room
Frank – The Diary of Anne Frank
Garrett – Helen Keller
Gerstein – The Old Country
Giff – Water Street
Gipson – Old Yeller
Gingras – Pieces of Me
Gorman – Rebecca’s Nancy
Havill & Kodman - Grow
Hesse – Out of the Dust
Hesse – Witness
Holt – Mister and Me
Hunter – As Ever, Booky
Hunter – That Scatterbrained Booky
Hunter – With Love, From Booky
Konigsburg – Silent to the Bone
Kindersley Readers – Joan of Arc
Kinney – Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Kinney – Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Roderick Rules
Kinney – Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Do-It-Yourself
Lewis – The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe
Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird
Littman – Confessions of a Closet Catholic
Lisle – How I Became a Writer and Oggie Learned to Drive
Lowry – The Giver
Lowry – Number the Stars
Myers - Monster
Moss – Dr. Amelia’s Boredom Survival Guide
Parish – Good Work, Amelia Bedelia
Parish & Siebel – Amelia Bedelia
Parish & Siebel – Thank You, Amelia Bedelia
Paterson – Jacob Have I Loved
Paterson – Bridge to Terabithia
Palacio - Wonder
Perkins – Criss Cross
Rawls – Where the Red Fern Grows
Ryan – Esperanza Rising
Saint-Exupéry – The Little Prince
Sawyer – Anne Frank
Selznick – The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Spinelli – Stargirl
Spinelli – Love, Stargirl
Spinelli – Maniac Magee
Spinelli – Jason and Marceline
Spinelli – The Library Card
Spinelli – Loser
Spinelli – Wringer
Spinelli – Milkweed
Spinelli - Crash
Scieszka – Summer Reading is Killing Me
Steig – Dominic
Taylor – The Cay
Trueman - Stuck in Neutral
Trueman – Cruise Control
Walsh – Not like I’m jealous or anything
Wein – Code name Verity
White – Charlotte’s Web
Wishinsky – Albert Einstein
Wiles  - Love, Ruby Lavender
Wiles – Each Little Bird That Sings
Zusak – The Book Thief


Aronson – Art Attack: A Short Cultural History of the Avant-Garde
Allison & Gediman – This I Believe
Allison & Gediman – This I Believe II
Bayles & Orland – Art and Fear
Barry – One Hundred Demons
Bryan, Cameron, Allen – The Artist’s Way At Work
Bauer & Trudgill – Language Myths
Beyer – The Greatest Stories Never Told
Bennett - A Life in Full Bloom                 
Bright & Answer – That’s a Fact, Jack
Brande – Becoming a Writer
Brainard – I Remember
Bruce – Paige Fright: Foibles and Fetishes of Famous Writers
Bolden – 33 Things Every Girl Should Know About Women’s History
Bolden – 33 Things Every Girl Should Know
Carter – The Book of IQ Tests
Carter – Orange Silver Sausage
Calaprice – Dear Professor Einstein
Cameron – The Artist’s Way
Clark – Writer’s Gym
Clark – Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer
Cisneros – The House on Mango Street
Cisneros – Woman Hollering Creek
Damrauer – New Math: Equations for Living
Dickenson – The Collected Poems of Emily Dickenson
Dillard - Give It All, Give It Now: One of the Few Things I Know About Writing
Estepa – Starting with I: Personal Essays by Teenagers
Fleischman – Joyful Noise
Friedman – The World is Flat
Flanagan – It’s About Time: How Long History Took
Franco – Falling Hard: 100 Love Poems By Teens
Fox – Radical Reflections: Passionate Opinions on Teaching, Learning, and Living
Gawande - Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance
Gutkind – Keep It Real: Everything you need to know about researching and writing creative non-fiction
Gladwell – Outliers
Gladwell – The Tipping Point
Gladwell – Blink
Grandits – Technically, It’s Not My Fault
Grandits – Blue Lipstick: Concrete Poems
Goldberg – Wild Mind
Goldberg – Living Color
Goldberg – The Great Failure: My Unexpected Path to Truth
Goldberg – Writing Down the Bones
Gregory – The Creative License
Gregory – Everyday Matters
Gutkind – Keep it Real
Helitzer – Comedy Writing Secrets
Heffron – The Writer’s Idea Book
Herring – Writing Begins with the Breath
Hoffman – Little Known Facts about Well-Known Stuff
Intrator & Scribner – Teaching with Fire
Jago – Sandra Cisneros in the classroom
King – On Writing
Kovacs – Meet the Authors
Kovacs – Meet the Authors and Illustrators
Kramer & Call - Telling True Stories
Lamott – Bird By Bird
Levine - Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly
Lightman – Einstein’s Dreams
Metcalf – An Aesthetic Underground
McCloud – Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art
Miller – The Book Whisperer
Mueller – Lifers: Learning from At Risk Adolescent Readers
NWP – The writer’s workout book
Nelson – Freedom Business
Nelson – Fortune’s Bones
Pappas – Math Talk
Paul – Writing Picture Books
Prelutsky – Imagine That: Poems of Never-Was
O’Conner – Woe is I
O’Conner – Words Fail Me
O’Conner – Woe is I, Jr.
Paterson – A Sense of Wonder
Petroski – The Evolution of Useful Things
Phillips – A Humument
Poe – Complete Stories and Poems
Pink – A Whole New Mind
Raczka & Doniger – Lemonade: And Other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word
Ritchhart - Intellectual Character: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Get It
Roam – The Back of The Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures
Rodari – The Grammar of Fantasy: An Introduction to the Art of Inventing Stories
Ritchhart – Intellectual Character
Rosenblatt – Unless It Moves the Human Heart
Rosen – Michalel Rosen’s Book of Very Silly Poems
Silverstein – Where the Sidewalk Ends
Smith - Mess
Smith – Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure
Stepanek – Heartsongs
Swope – I am a Pencil: A Teacher, His Kids, and Their World of Stories
Truss – Eats, Shoots and Leaves
Trudeau – Natural Cures
Turner – Instead of Three Wishes
The Paris Review Interviews, Vol I
The Paris Review Interviews, Vol II
The Paris Review Interviews, Vol III
The Economist – Book of Obituaries
Ueland – If You Want to Write
Venolia – The Right Word
Wooldridge – Poemcrazy
Warren – My Secret
Walsh – Lapsing into Comma
Willis - Personal Fiction Writing: A Guide to Writing from Real Life for Teachers, Students & Writers